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We are venues.me

Find the right hotel venue.

Venues.me connects event hosts and planners with the ideal venue for their event. Finding a hotel venue has never been this easy and fast!

Venues.me delivers a joyful and unmatched user-experience of finding a hotel venue and viewing it in HD 360 degrees. It allows end-users to explore the options they never knew about and even have a look at newly renovated hotel venues. Venues.me enables end-users to customize their requirements from the food and beverage to the technical requirements of the venue, and contact 1 or 10 hotels with one click!

Yes, no more long phone calls and un-answered line transfers!

Find right hotel venue

Find the right hotel venue, select your food, your technical needs and contact all your favorites with one click.

Photos 360

The system provides 360-degree venues images that allow the user to take the appropriate decision without visiting the location.


The system provides a variety of menus at preferential prices, to maintain a high level of satisfaction of clients.


The system provides a list of facilities and technical needs to make your meetings more useful with modern methods.

24/7 Support

We would be more than happy to help you. Our team advisor are 24/7 at your service to help you.

Our History

We are very happy with what we are today and look forward to adding more hotels, venues and countries, and there are many of plans we will work on it in future.


Our achievements

54 Hotels, 525 Venues join us

7 Countries - Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Lebanon, Georgia, Malaysia, Qatar, Bahrain


Our achievements

42 Hotels, 387 Venues join us

6 Countries - Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Lebanon, Georgia, Malaysia


Our achievements

10 Hotels, 84 Venues join us

One country - kuwait


Start Date

Venues General Trading LLC established venues.me website.

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